The GIE L'Ail Drômois is a group of producers specialized in GARLIC production. They provide certified garlic and shallot seeds and ready-to-eat garlic and shallot.

The know-how and passion of our producers guarantee the quality of our products and advices given to all our customers.

Right in the heart of the Drôme, the historic cradle of garlic production, the “Provence” sunshine and the wind “mistral” are the main ingredients combined to nicely grow our garlic. Together with the experience of our producers we can offer the best quality garlic with "a special taste of sunshine".

The Ail Drômois was founded in 1995 by a group of producers with the objective of improving the garlic and shallot production process.

Passion and technical know-how are the keywords for the success of the GIE L'Ail Drômois.

Direct contacts with purchaser, handling the sale of products themselves, in France and abroad, our producers manage the whole process to be leader on the garlic market.

The famousness of our ready-to-eat garlic and shallots is the result of a continuous quest for quality. Soil, climatic conditions and care taken during the production process give a unique flavour to our products, which is much appreciated by consumers.

The production of SOC (Official Control Service) certified garlic and shallot seeds is constantly controlled to ensure high level quality. GIE L'Ail Drômois is the European leader in this market with the UNISEM DROM brand.

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